¿What is Digital Newcomer Assistance?

¿About us? ¿What do we do and how do we do it?

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Digital Newcomer Assistance

Digital Newcomer Assistance is a consulting agency created by experts in various fields. Developers, designers, financiers, intelligence analysts, marketers and many others who joined their knowledge and experience to provide entrepreneurs and a team that meets current needs, to carry out strategies and tactics, or solve situations in projects already initiated and in the worst of scenarios; solve the problem that does not let you sleep and does not let your project advance.

Our advisors have several years of experience in different fields, many are polymaths and have the knowledge to foresee, optimize, solve and reform in any of their areas of expertise. Many of them have served as advisers to government entities and private companies; in most cases becoming the right hand of the project manager, because their knowledge and experience make them very useful tools when carrying out an idea.

¿What Digital Newcomer Assistance do?

When starting a project, it is always advisable to have an expert who knows the area in which you plan to develop. This is why our experts work as a team to solve, anticipate and build solidly the foundations of it. Each project is unique, with its own DNA; However, there are already defined processes that provide a solid foundation for your project. Create an effective business model, define your customer segment, establish an undeniable value offer, study the diffusion channels, segment resources, manage a cost structure ... These processes are so necessary for the realization of this plan, with so many points to develop, which require knowledge in various areas: technology, marketing, logistics and operations, software development, design and branding, public relations, information gathering, analysis. And this is precisely what we do, we are your guide in each of these areas.

¿How we do it?

Studying the field, gathering information, analyzing the data, with full knowledge of the processes, anticipating difficulties with previously acquired knowledge, solving the existing ones with the suitable personnel. Because in the multitude of counselors there is victory.

The Team of Digital Newcomer Assistance

Our human capital, our most valuable tools to guide you in your project, solve problems and take your business where you want to take it.

Juan Carlos Segundo

IT Advisor

William Gómez

Sales Executive