¿What is REWC?

REWC is a CMS (Content Management System) software, which searches through experiences and reviewed needs, get the holy grail of websites, have control of your site, something very few entrepreneurs know it is.

¿What is REWC?

REWC is the acronym of Really Easy Web Customizer, well, we know what it means and its name has a lot to do with what it does; so I'm going to tell you his story, isn't so simple to explain, however, very easy to use.

Two years ago, in a brainstorming session the team of DNA advisors noticed that employers were constantly hit by a need. Your website Most entrepreneurs looking to integrate into progress and be part of the latest technology changes, they understand that the website is necessary. We weren't find the fault there, we found the fault in the "website developers".

We saw cases in which old-school entrepreneurs (the most reluctant to this) already accepted the change and willing to solve the lack of website, then they start to find developers for this. Many ran with luck, others didn't; but those who already know us, knew that we don't leave anything to chance, we fight for the best, we plan for the worst. We sit down to analyze the problem in depth, its Genesis and its exponentiation; this is what we discovered.

Genesis of the problem:

Entrepreneurs seek to solve the lack of website looking for someone to do this at low costs, that's not bad, the bad thing is in the search for lowest price, they end up with someone who does not have the experience or knowledge to get their project done.

The variables that include having an effective website are many, many that most do not know, so let's start by defining what is an effective website.

A website is your virtual office, is your office on the internet and like your office in real life, this must have certain requirements to fulfill its function of being a space to serve your customers, with all your information available, clean and in order. Your website is that star seller who works 24/7/365, without getting tired, without holidays, in his best presentation. Always pending, always ready to serve your customers, with your best smile and all the information instantly.

Ergo, must be clean and ordered; that star seller knows how to explain your product to your client, so you sell ionic thrusters for interstellar travel to an elderly woman of 76 years. HEY! Complicated true. That's where we find the Genesis of the matter, most of the "developers" are simply here to sell you a website, however, a website is like a child, which needs constant care, attention and change as the company grows.

Exponentiation of the problem:

We don't know when, but a wave of "developers" turned to Panama to solve the needs of entrepreneurs. "Developers" who program in WordPress. (I know what I just wrote does not make sense, but they describe it like this) They learned in a YouTube video to install WordPress on their server and with this they launched to the market offering entrepreneurs WordPress websites; now I clarify, WordPress isn't bad, it has been a development for Blogs and has evolved for different areas, with many plugins and themes. WordPress works perfectly for you, if you have a small company, an initial venture, 20 products that you want to promote.

When comes the troubles? A law firm (Pretty large and recognized) contacts us because their website is exactly the same as another competing firm; because two "Developers" who do not know each other chose the same WordPress Theme for their sites. When the site has so many plugins that it is figuratively inaccessible because the is extremely slow. When you want to add a product to your WooCommerce and it takes 20 minutes per product, then you get frustrated because you just realized that there are 300 products. When you want to safeguard the local files and there is a leak of them by an outdated plugin and the data of your clients are exposed ... (There is a case in Panama that by using WordPress with an outdated plug-in, there is a security fail which "hackers" used for leak and reveal confidential documentation making a worldwide scandal) Added to this in May 2007, a study revealed that 98% of WordPress-based sites were vulnerable to attacks.

When you want to make a change on your site and the "developer" doesn't appear anywhere, and when it appears, it gives you the username and password to make the changes yourself... when you can logging, WordPress is Astrophysics for you. You are a marketer, business administrator, manager, owner, not a web developer. And although WordPress over the years has become more friendly, this is debatable, as it's friendly; but for a web developer. Still a pretty basic solution for a website.

Entrepreneurs who have a website and not the slightest idea of ​​how to make a change of colors or pictures. That isn't your job, we understand it. And those more self-taught took the task of learning how, because they don't want to depend on anyone, to maintain the digital reputation of the company; even so, these comment that WordPress is too complicated. We do not blame them, WordPress is for developers!

Depth of the Problem:

Depend on third parties to make changes to your site, security patches, incompatibility of plugins, abuse of them, we have seen a site that fill them with plugins that the scrolls doesn't work (You can not go down with the mouse wheel). And in our experience, the client never says that he is wrong, the first thing he says is that this site doesn't work and goes away... A lost sale.

In summary, how it looks like, how it works and how it can be updated; they are the priorities for the development an efficient website. How it looks like, I do not have to explain to that everything comes through your eyes and statistically speaking, in just 7 seconds, your client decides whether to stay or go somewhere else. How it works, it is popularly said that if your client can not find something in three clicks, the site is wrong. This is not totally true, although it is highly recommended, because we are aware that many times your item, product or service can not be summarized in three clicks; less if it sells ionic thrusters. How it is updated ... Here is one of the key parts of a good website, often ignored because it's behind the scenes and only those entrepreneurs who already have websites that produce sales know the importance of this.

And this is where we got all this, REWC. We put our developers to work, looking as a priority for the user experience. Make it as easy as possible, what they already "said" that it was easy.

REWC is a CMS (Content Management System) software, which searches through experiences and revised needs to obtain the holy grail of websites. Designers do visual work, they know colors, shapes, spaces, styles, typographies, trends, etc. While the programmers are responsible for adapting REWC to the needs of your company. Once finished, REWC allows you to change the picture of your home page  site in seconds, create a new product category instantly, edit addresses and phones of your company with extra features, without headaches. Creating a product in REWC is a matter of seconds; picture, name, category, price, save ... ¡its Ready!

We speak of simplicity (reduction of complexity), not of minimalism (reduction of elements). That is a subject for debate for another article. REWC allows you to change the information of your company, be it pictures, text, products, services, prices, contact information; everything with extreme ease and all this complying with the SEO standards, making your site friendly for your clients, for you or who update it.

REWC is the solution you were looking for if you have been suffering headaches from previous developments and if it's your first website, learn by someone else's head, make a survey among your business friends. Let us show you how technology on your side can make your life easier.

"We live in a society absolutely dependent on science and technology and yet have cleverly arranged things so that almost no one understands science and technology. That's a clear prescription for disaster."

Carl Sagan