IT Advising

Digital Newcomer Assistance

2018 is the current year and technology makes its way without mercy for the world. Forty years after Ken Olsen declared that "There was no reason for ordinary people to have a computer at home." Today we are outnumbered in number, accuracy, productivity and efficiency by computers; from the already common desktop computer to the IOT devices and the dizzying curve offered by artificial intelligence. Computers are part of our lives and make it more comfortable, efficient and easy. Is that supposed to be technology, isn't? But as the saying goes "Nobody cares how things work while they work" because paradoxically in a world where we depend so much on technology, is the same where almost nobody knows about technology.

And we meet those who enthusiastically want to help, or something we don't know how to call it. A long list of pseudo experts who only give headaches to entrepreneurs who don't want anything than efficient solutions, without wasting time. We have those who call "technician" anyone who resets a router because the internet doesn't work, I see IT Support staff who still walk with CD portfolios like DJs from the 90's, "webmasters" who do not know what Linux is, "Hackers" using Windows,"analysts" who can't explain an IT problem to their client," programmers "who develop in HTML ... The list is huge. If you are among those who did not understand the last six lines, do not worry, that's what we are for.

IT Advising is our division that is responsible for being your guide in this wild world of technological advances. With precision, effectiveness and minimizing risks, how should you really work out the strategy for your business to grow? With the necessary experience to solve the problems that you do not even know you have and the vision to glimpse from a distance those that have not yet arrived. Digital Newcomer Assistance has a function, making your life easier.

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