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We depend on computers and not only for precision, they make our lives easier. Did any of you know the process of doing a spreadsheet before Microsoft Excel®? Do you come to mind the ins and outs of editing a recording by cutting and pasting with tape before Adobe Premiere®? Remember how many extras should be hired to make a short with a crowd before Massive®? Does anyone even remember how intricate it was to keep a customer database before CRMs?

The software has triumphed! It is undeniable and necessary, but as entrepreneurs they have not been involved in the complicated work of developing software for their company, which promised to be the solution to all business management, but once finished it became the headache of all the staff. We have known situations in which the software is even developed, it is implemented, the teaching is given and in the months the entrepreneur must abandon it because his staff does not even understand how that is turned on. Lost time and money, something that no businessman wants to hear.

Solution? Being guided by experts did not go well with the employer of the previous example. For the fact that a company develops software does not mean that it understands and solves the needs of its company, staff and clients. Front-end and Back-end, this barrier between logic and art has played havoc with those who have placed their trust in software. Let's take specific examples, Microsoft Office®, that would be from an office without a suite that literally keeps working in the company flowing. But the software does not solve the problem, those that work are the personnel; the software must be designed for the use of the personnel in order to solve the needs of the clients, dissipating the complications for the employer. The matter got complicated. This is why our developments are based on the KISS principle (Keep It Short and Simple), a software so easy to use that customers skip teaching and make the leap to the self-taught, which solves every customer need that for the first time Once on his way as an entrepreneur he feels he has the power to do what he wants; so personalized, everything is created from scratch. No software solution used previously is useful to another client, each need is unique, specific, with its own DNA.

REWC (Really Easy Web Customizer) is a living example of this. Software developed from scratch for updating and personalizing your website. It is not WordPress, nor JOOMLA, nor DRUPAL. The software that when presented to the client skips the teaching meeting arguing that "it is quite logical, I do not think we should waste time explaining this" half an hour later the website has completely changed, all by the client's hand without any knowledge of programming.

Digital Newcomer Assistance seeks to provide real solutions to their needs, not to sell them the sky and let them fall; we like to enjoy the face of customer satisfaction, showing on their faces the expression that they made the right decision.

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