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The digital office of the company is the easiest way to understand this idea. Nowadays, more than a physical office, your business needs a digital one, a place on the internet where your clients can enter to see the full range of services and/or products. It's the equivalent of having your business open 24/7/365! Without the operating costs that this would represent in real life. Your website is the digital representative of your company. Your best sales agent, that knows and exploits every strong point of your company, without sleep, in their best clothing, always attentive and aware of your customers.

The website is a business need relevant as accounting or having a corporate image. We, in this dizzying continuous advance of technology, have looked for ways to make it simpler and more productive. Our web development team is at your service to start this delicate and important process. From choosing a good domain name, the hosting service according to your needs, developing your content, aiming at your market objectives, design and functionality hand in hand both for your clients and for you. Publication of the site; summarized in these brief steps is the creation process. All from the hand of our experts: designers, programmers, marketers; all in search of their market objective.

Currently each online website must have certain functions and publications standards. Many websites in our country do not comply with them, causing unnecessary expenses to employers, confusing information and not available to search engines; that if they do not find your site, it is most likely that your clients do not either.

Our websites and development team are constantly updated to provide our customers with a real work tool:

  • Responsive Websites, These adapt to any device, tablets, phones, computers; because 80% of the connections to a website are currently through a telephone, this is essential.
  • SEO, OpenGraph, Semantic URL, SchemaORG, MetaTags, HTTPS, DKIM, DMARC, SPF, HTTP Compresion Each of these elements convert your website into a sales engine for your company.
  • REWC (Really Easy Web Customizer) Software developed to help you take control of your website, where without having any knowledge of programming you can update the site yourself, without relying on third parties, programmers, etc. Renew information, change images, manage catalogs of products and services, maps, contact information and everything related to your website.
  • Unlimited email accounts with unlimited space (50 GB of space initially), don't struggle with your full email.
  • Unique and personalized design, your website is created to your liking, following your corporate image.
  • We complement design with functionality, not only it must be beautiful, it must also be productive.

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