Information Gathering

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It is called Information gathering to the instance prior to the attempt to execute a computer intrusion into a system by someone not authorized. It is also used (usually in organizations) by ethical professionals in the event of a security check. Gathering information implies carrying out the previous and meticulous intelligence task (similar to an acknowledgment of the terrain), more precisely to the collection of data about the objective or of a component related to this or a part of it. This phase consists mainly of research and analysis of data collected.

This information is not only useful internally, these collection methods can provide you with a clear vision of your competence, your market, your products and everything on which your project is based.

Verses the Art of War: "An army without spies is like a blind and deaf man." Based on this premise and without ignoring the 4,000 years of recorded history according to Will and Ariel Durant, in only 268 there has been no war. I clarify, I said "There has been no war" I did not say peace. This speaks a lot about us as a species, competition and the search for better conditions is intrinsic, in the human race. This has undoubtedly crossed borders of war.

And even if you are not going to kill yourself with your competitor, those businessmen who have seen themselves in the eye of the storm of a new market have had this feeling. The one who makes the first movement has an advantage, who has better strategies, who better adapts their tactics, who has access to first-hand information. The development of your project needs to start with real information, well structured and reliable, our team of analysts will help you interpret the information collected in detailed reports, to solve problems you do not even know you have and the vision to glimpse at a distance those They have not arrived yet.

Information Gathering is our division responsible for collecting useful information for the development of a new project, redirect an existing one, look for internal and external failures. Information is the most powerful weapon of war.

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