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University degrees, seminars, a vast commercial experience and even so when presenting that idea to your client, there remains the uncertainty of why if his idea was so great the client did not approve. The skills that are needed to present an idea correctly, a project effectively, are many. A good diction, a broad lexicon, knowledge about the field, gesticulation, modulation, even knowledge of a specific culture. Skills that in absence have caused public relations disasters. Ask British Petroleum how they ended with the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010.

Maintaining the public relations of the company is not really a priority for many entrepreneurs; without care the image of your company has in the minds of your customers is the success or failure of it. In our country it is quite common to see a politician on television say a lot, damaging his image completely and that of his party, consequently; An entrepreneur who manages with his clients offers something that exceeds his budgetary expectations and ends up killing the sale. Once we had the opportunity to see a real estate broker offer someone from the Chinese community an apartment on a fourth floor. (The Chinese word for number four sounds very similar to the word death, Bad Luck!) Disaster!

To handle a crisis of public relations, special and specific skills are needed and although many consider that the company validates its work on its own, a representative agent who possesses these skills is necessary to maintain the reputation of the company in frotn of the public and solve problems. in the most efficient and fastest way. Skills in which the current civilizations were founded.

PPRR is our division responsible for making the protocol, mediation and negotiation for your company, always taking care of the image of it, seeking to position it as a prestigious brand and the first family thought your client has when thinking about that product or service you offer.

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