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The digital reputation, many business owners wonder what we talked about when mentioning this term. Who has more than 10 years as an entrepreneur has managed to see the change, from advertising in the Yellow Pages to Encuentra24, from the creation of billboards to the creation of Instagram art, from a radial campaign to Search Engine Marketing, to pay for expensive campaigns television companies to pay their own campaigns with YouTube. The business world has changed and you are witnessing this. The wise businessman, the shark, the conqueror has adapted, has evolved; and has reduced the budget of similar media to spend less than half on digital media. Digital Marketing, is the phrase that persecutes entrepreneurs today, thousands of people offering their strategies, affordable costs, kilometric accounts in scope.

This is what we call a New Age Business. This did not exist ten years ago, in 2007 the one that had Facebook in Panama was a genius of computers. But at that time Facebook only served to brag and write states that only you saw because your friends did not use it, they preferred to move on MySpace, ICQ, mIRC, etc ... It was part of the digital revolution of the first decade of the new millenium. Today Facebook is worth $ 540 Billion dollars (approximately), it's absurd the amount of money it generates. Instagram in just six months reached 50 million users. Social networks today are what we call the digital reputation of the company. What the entrepreneur looked after so much in the relationships with his clients, associated companies, contacts, influences, today has been extended to the internet and directly with the clients. The digital reputation of the company is equivalent to ten years ago being in the Yellow Pages, to have hoarding throughout the city with the great difference that the results are quantifiable in real time, even reaching the point in having direct contact with the customers through social network accounts, anywhere in the world.

And although it sounds simple, maintaining your company's social media accounts is not the same as updating your personal accounts. Doing it at a commercial level is totally different, strategy, content, schedules are created, you work at the rhythm of the social networks and national and international events. Keep the message clear, taking care of spelling, grammar, semantics, syntax, etc. Publications with useful content for your followers, and making a difference by having commercial objectives, is not something that a person can do with a cell phone at home.

Digital Marketing is the division that is responsible for creating, maintaining and exploiting the digital reputation of your company. Starting with the study of your audience, creating selective strategies, constantly attentive to statistics and changes in it. Digital Newcomer Assistance is responsible for taking your company where you want to go the right way.

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