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There is a lot of confusion regarding this, businessmen hire services where they are created a logo and with only this they already consider having a brand. A brand is much more than a logo, creating a brand is about how it is positioned in the minds of consumers your company, which ideas relate to your brand firsthand, which is the first thing that comes to mind when mentioning your brand. The logo is very important, but without the development of the consequent elements, it is only an image. To create a brand, factors such as: the maturity of the company, the target, market studies, diffusion platforms, type of advertising are taken into consideration.

Taking these aspects into account, a strategy is created in which what is sought is the positioning of the brand, its differentiation, what goes hand in hand with its value proposition to the market, the inherent message that it wishes to transmit and that often does not is written, the ideas are presented in a subtle, subliminal way we could say. In this field, many aspects are addressed, ranging from the academic data of marketing and advertising, design, art; until sociological study techniques such as; color psychology, body language, previous studies of neuro marketing and nowadays with the help of Information Gathering and other tools, real data is created about what happens in your market.

Design & Branding is the division of Digital Newcomer Assistance that puts experts in design, marketing, advertising, analysis of human material, information gathering to develop strategies to develop your brand in an effective way; thus, we improve what we have, we get what it lacks.

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